How To Spray Paint Fruit & Brighten Up Your Instagram Feed.

You can spray fruit?! Yes, you can! You can make virtually anything in your house look instagrammable by doing one simple thing. Just spray it with spray paint! You can use the metallics of the moment to add a little bling to any space, from charity shop finds, to stuff you collect out in nature, to inexpensive furniture, to ordinary tin cans... any of these items can be gilded with a coat or two of metallic spray paint to achieve an upgraded look in minutes (minus the drying time). This simple idea can also transform the humble fruit bowl into a beautifully creative, Instagrammable feast.

Disclaimer: Real and fake fruit can be used but in either case, please don't eat the fruit after you've spray painted it unless you're using edible spray paint!

Help yourself to your 5 A Day and get those creative juices flowing...

Pastels, Brights & A Healthy Pop Of Colour

Passionate about pineapple?! Stand tall, wear a crown and have a heart of gold.

Pretty pumpkins and gorgeous gourds!

Bananarama baby!

Tropical colours and bright backgrounds are always a good idea!

Berry nice!

Take it to the next level!

Bananas about bananas!

I hope this has given you food for thought and if you're hungry for more, check out the metallic fruit post. #nomnomnom

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