...Because Sometimes All You Need Is A Little Splash Of Colour.

Summer in London is unbeatable but if you've spent a winter here, you'll know all to well that it's mostly grey, drab and distinctly lacking in colour. But if you keep your eyes peeled (and remember to snap a photo on your phone!) you'll see that the vibrancy is still here... like most Londoners, it's just gone into hibernation.

I'm not a fan of wearing it but I have a need for it in my daily life. I mean, colour has been know to improve creativity and ease tension and who doesn't want that! Here are some filter-less sightings of colour in London that I've snapped on my phone over the past few months because sometimes all you need is a little splash of colour.

She finds colour in the darkest places

Colour Pops At A Disused Petrol Station in West London

Behind every dark cloud is a big blue sky

Pillow clouds above London

Blue Sky at Kew Gardens

The Courts of Justice always look magnificent and the blue backdrop is the icing on the architectural cake.

Hidden Gems

Random wall art behind South Molton Street, W1

I had to head inside to find this this one! Colourful clutch bags on Regent Street, W1

Thistles and eucalyptus... an impromptu prickly treat on my way home from a day with one of my clients


The waterlily house looking like a real life Monet

Spectacular succulents!

I spy snowdrops and that means that spring is just around the corner!

All photos were taken on my Samsung S7 with no filter

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