It's official, 'Selflexia' is a word! I was excited to see this email from the Urban Dictionary:

Thanks for defining Selflexia!

Editors read your definition and decided to publish it on Urban Dictionary.

It will appear here:

Urban Dictionary



Dyslexia of the 'self'. When a person is having difficulty finding clarity or struggling to find answers when focusing on themselves. When you can easily solve problems for others, quickly come up with solutions for your friends, family, colleagues or clients but when you turn your focus towards you it becomes a jumbled up mess!

1. I am great at helping others but my selflexia makes it really difficult to figure out my own life
2. I can come up with business ideas for my friends all day long but I've got selflexia when it comes to figuring out what my business should be
3. I want to change my career but the selflexia struggle is real
4. I'm so confused and overwhelmed, this selflexia block is driving me mad

Have you got a word in your vocabulary that hasn't yet been defined? If you answered yes, why not submit it to the Urban Dictionary and see if you can bring it into circulation!

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